Mercury 45 Jet/50/55/60 Outboard Motor Service Manual


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Clear, bookmarked, printable, searchable PDF  Instant download
Covers: Mercury 45 Jet, 50, 55 Marathon, 55 SeaPro, 60, 60 Big Foot , 60 Marathon, 60 SeaPro (3 Cyl., 2-stroke) Outboard Motors
  • United States serial 0D000750 and Above
  • Belgium serial  09671687 and Above

Pages: 565
: PDF files (zipped)
File size: 13mb
Compatibility: Windows/Mac computers

This PDF service manual contains all the necessary instructions needed to service the Mercury 45 Jet/50/55/60 Outboard Motor from top to bottom according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is the same manual professional technicians use to diagnose and repair the outboard motor. Whether it’s routine maintenance, such as tune-ups and fuel system service, or more extensive repairs involving engine overhaul, this manual provides the most accurate information to perform the job.

Topics in the Mercury 45 Jet/50/55/60 Outboard Motor Service Manual:

Section 1 – General Information & Specifications

Section 2 – Electrical & Ignition
Part A – Ignition System
Part B – Battery, Charging System & Starting System
Part C – Timing/Synchronizing & Adjusting
Part D – Wiring Diagrams

Section 3 – Fuel Systems
Part A – Carburetion
Part B – Fuel Pump
Part C – Fuel Enrichment
Part D – Oil Injection

Section 4 – Powerhead

Section 5 – Mid-Section
Part A – Clamp/Swivel Brackets and Driveshaft Housing
Part B – Power Trim (Design I)
Part C – Power Trim (Design II)
Part D – Power Trim (Design III)
Part E – Power Trim (Design IV)
Part F – Manual Tilt (Design I, II, III)
Part G – Manual Tilt (Design IV)

Section 6 – Lower Unit
Part A – Standard Gear Housing
Part B – 60 Big Foot, 60 SeaPro & Marathon Gear Housing
Part C – Jet Drive

Section 7 – Outboard Installation/Attachments
Part A – Ride-Guide Steering – Throttle/Shift Cables & Electrical Connections
Part B – Tiller Handle and Co-Pilot
Part C – Rewind Starter

This is a complete service manual that contains detailed procedures, photos and specifications.



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